Fun Escape Room Party Kits

Create your own escape room experience with our printable escape room kits. Download now to print and play wherever you like, be it at home, a function room, classroom or clubhouse.

The Crypt

New everyday print and play escape room game

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Take a look at our new everyday print and play escape room game.

Great puzzles with no setup and simple black and white design that's easy on your printer.

The Latest independent Game Review of Captain Kidd's Treasure

Captain Kids Treasure Purchase medium-mi

'The game has a huge amount of detail.'

'The beauty of the game is that it doesn't

need a games master.'

'We had a very enjoyable hour playing

Captain Kidd's Treasure. The whole experience was just right for its target audience and was engaging for everyone.'

Full Review

And now printable in black and white to save colour ink!


Our Escape Party kits

Captain Kids Treasure Purchase medium-mi

Captain Kidd's Treasure

A challenge on the high seas, with cutthroat pirates and buried treasure.

Mission to Mars Escape Room

Mission to Mars

A disaster in space, far from earth and without any chance of rescue.

What is an Escape Party kit?

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Take the hard work out of creating your own escape room party at home by downloading one of our DIY escape room games. You will get all of the game sheets with scripts, puzzles and games along with posters and invites, all of which can be printed at home. It doesn't stop there either, you get a scene setting video, music playlists and more. Everything you need to run an amazing escape room game.

How do our escape room kits work?


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Take a look at our Escape Party kits. Buy the one you want and you will receive an email with a link to download it.


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Print the PDF file on your home printer on A4 or Letter paper, in colour or black and white. Alternatively, use a print service to do the printing for you.


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Plan your escape room event, use the set up guide to help you prepare the game and play area, then let the fun begin... 

Buying a game, not for you?


Why not create your own.

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Creating your own escape room game at home is a great idea but where do you start? It will take time and a lot of effort but boy is it worth it. Follow the escape party method and you can speed up the process.

Build your own escape room