Captain Kids Treasure Escape Party kit

This downloadable escape room kit will transform your room into a pirate cabin.


Are you ready for adventure on the high seas with cunning escape room puzzles, crafty clues, ancient maps, cutthroat pirates and buried treasure.

Captain Kids Treasure escape room game


What do I get in my escape room kit?

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Everything you need to create your own escape room experience

Avast ye landlubbers, this adventure on the high seas gives you 27 printable escape room pages of fun puzzles and challenges for all ages. Pirates young and old will be enthralled with Captain Kidd's story and the puzzles he has devised. Can you escape from his cabin and find the treasure.

Available to download and print immediately and with simple, clear instructions you can be ready to play in as little as 20 minutes.

An immersive escape room experience

A story of adventure and intrigue with videos and themed music to take you on an amazing quest for Captain Kidd's hidden treasure. You'll even learn a bit about pirates too!!

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Captain Kidd's Treasure Editors kit

Ideas for adding that extra touch of flare

Have a look at Enhance your escape room experience for ideas and instructions on how to customise and enhance the game.


Use the included design kit, editable invites and posters to personalise your event.

100% satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back

We believe you salty sea dogs will love this escape room game but if it doesn't fit the bill there's no need to worry, just get in touch, give us your feedback and we'll refund your money straight away. 

Escape Party 100% Guarantee
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...and we're always here to help

Your enjoyment and experience with Escape Party is our number one priority.


You'll get hints and answers in the play guide and downloadable pack so hopefully you'll never get stuck playing the game. Our Frequently Asked Questions are there to help you and for any other questions with your Escape Party kit, or just to let us know how it went, simply message us on Facebook messenger or use our contacts page.

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I've bought the kit, what happens next?


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Take a look at our Escape Party kits. Buy the one you want and you will receive an email with a link to download it.


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Print the PDF file on your home printer on A4 or Letter paper, in colour or black and white. Alternatively, use a print service to do the printing for you.


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Plan your escape room event, use the set up guide to help you prepare the game and play area, then let the fun begin... 

Tell me more about Captain Kidd's Treasure Escape Party kit

The year is 1699, the golden age of piracy, and you're a cutthroat pirate, sailing the high seas, plundering ships and searching for gold. You want to escape the life of piracy and now's your chance…

Captain William Kidd has amassed a huge fortune and hidden it away on a treasure island. He knows he is not long for this world so he has devised a cunning treasure hunt leading to his hidden stash and now you've got the chance to find it…

You come face to face with Captain Kidd on his ship, he directs you to his cabin but you get locked in. Working together as a team using your wits and puzzle-solving skills you need to piece together the clues, escape the ships cabin and find the treasure…

Playing Captain Kidds Treasure escape room
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Captain Kidd's Treasure Escape Party kit is great for all ages from 8 years upwards. It's perfect for a social gatherings, birthday parties, school classrooms, activity clubs, camps and work events.

Once you've printed off the game in either colour or black and white, you need nothing more than pencils, scissors and sticky tac to play the game. It's easy to set up and you can enhance the experience using the Editors Kit, included invites/posters and lots of tips and suggestions.

The game is designed for teams of 2-6 players. For events with a larger number of players multiple copies of the game can be printed and players work in teams.

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Be ye ready to face me escape room challenge, ye landlubbers?

Download the kit, print it off and play the game today for free

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  • Downloadable escape room kit for ages 8+

  • Immediate access to a ready-made escape room kit to download and print

  • Printable in colour or black and white to save cost

  • Easy to follow set up instructions and everything you need to quickly create your own escape room

  • Introduction videos to help you on your quest

  • Customisable game and extras

  • A selection of invitations and posters to complete your party

  • Game enhancement ideas

  • 100% satisfaction or your money back