Playing the game

Now everything is set up and ready to go, here is your guide to running and playing the game. Some of these puzzles can be a little tricky so if you or the players need a little help then there are some hints in the survival guide section below, that's where you'll also find all of the puzzle/challenge answers.

Let the adventure begin...

A quick reminder of how the game plays out?

The year is 1699, the golden age of piracy, and the players are cutthroat pirates sailing the seas searching for gold. Having been given the chance to escape the life of piracy, by finding Captain William Kidd's hidden treasure, the pirates head to his ship to begin their quest. As they enter the ships cabin the door slams behind them and they're trapped…


Will they escape Captain Kidd's ship, and can they find his hidden treasure and escape the life of piracy?


Captain Kidd's Treasure game consists of 4 challenges. The first 3 challenges require puzzles to be completed leading the pirates to escape the ships cabin. Challenge 4 is an interactive, fun game on the treasure island leading the pirates to the hidden treasure chest.

Before you start make sure you've got...

  • Space to play.


  • The pre-prepared game pages (in colour).


  • Scissors, pens, pencils, eraser, sticky tac.


  • Screwed up paper balls or a Nerf gun.


  • Either access to the internet, via mobile phone, tablet or computer, or access to the game guide, where you will also find hints and answers.

If you've not prepared and set-up the game yet, take a look at the Set-up guide


Now let the fun of the ©Escape Party game begin…


Once the players are congregated in the ships cabin

  • Let them each select one of the Pirate Game Cards and tell them to keep this with them as they'll need it throughout the game.

  • Make sure you have the challenge 1 game pages out on the desk or table.

  • Show the welcome video, or read out the Welcome script

  • Hit play on your party tunes   

       ​Pirate atmospheric music    

       Pirate themed songs

  • And off you go...

  • Use the challenge page links below to take you through the game play, give hints where needed and to check your answers.

Survival Guide

Check your answers with the buttons below. You'll also find hints to help you if you're struggling with some of the challenges.

Welcome script