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Setting up the game

You've bought the game now find out how to download and unzip the files, improve the game experience with customisation and/or enhancements, and set up your escape room party ready to play…

How do I host an amazing

escape room game?

As host of the game, you or another adult, will need to prepare everything so that the game is ready to play. Once you've downloaded and printed the game your preparation and set-up should take no longer than 20 minutes, plus any enhancement time if you choose to do any. The game should last approximately 60-90 minutes depending on player numbers and ages.


You’ll find a guide below taking you through downloading the game, enhancing the experience and setting up the game ready to play.

Your role during the game will be to keep things running smoothly, using the handy hints to help, and to check the answers to each challenge. It is advisable to use the website if possible, that way you will only see the hint/answer that you need at the time.

You can find the play guide here.

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Host your own escape room party
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How does the game play out?

The year is 1699, the golden age of piracy, and the players are cutthroat pirates sailing the seas searching for gold. Having been given the chance to escape the life of piracy, by finding Captain William Kidd's hidden treasure, the pirates head to his ship to begin their quest. As they enter the ships cabin the door slams behind them and they're trapped…


Will they escape Captain Kidd's ship, and can they find his hidden treasure and escape the life of piracy?


Captain Kidd's Treasure game consists of 4 challenges. The first 3 challenges require puzzles to be completed leading the pirates to escape the ships cabin. Challenge 4 is an interactive, fun game on the treasure island leading the pirates to the hidden treasure chest.

What do I need to set-up and play the game?

  • Play area - ideally 2 separate spaces, one for the ships cabin and the other for the treasure island. The second space is not essential though.


  • Preparation and set-up time - once you've downloaded and printed the game you can be ready to play in 20 minutes. You will find the preparation and set-up guide below for instructions.


  • Printed game - colour or black and white printed game sheets.


  • Stationary - scissors, pens and pencils, eraser, sticky tac.


  • Missiles - screwed up paper balls or a Nerf gun for challenge 4.


  • Mobile device - this will be useful for showing video's, checking answers, getting hints and playing a party soundtrack.

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Escape Party Download email

Download and unzip your Escape Party game

Once you've bought the Escape Party kit you will receive a download link, on the thank you page. The same link will be included on the email receipt.

Click the link and follow the on screen instructions to download the game.


You will find the downloaded Zip file in your downloads folder. Follow the instructions below for Mac or Windows computer.

Mac - double click the zip file which will create a folder of the same name. This will contain all of the files you need.

Windows - press and hold (or right-click) the folder, select Extract All. You will be asked where to put the folder to be created. It will default to your current folder which should be fine. Hit extract to create the folder with the same name. This will contain all of the files you need.



Enhance your escape room experience

Customise the game

To edit the puzzles and implement your own modifications to the game follow the guide below. You can make small changes like adding names for birthday parties, club or school names or terminology that is more appropriate. Larger modifications like changing or adding puzzles can also be done however this would require more time.

  • Firstly, to ensure you keep the look and feel intended for the game install the fonts used by the game. Go into the \Fonts directory under \Editors Kit, double click each font and select install.

  • Open the Powerpoint file called 'Captain Kidd's Treasure - Editors Kit.ppt' found in the Editors kit folder of the download.

  • Make any changes you require as you would for any Microsoft Powerpoint presentation.

  • Use your own images or those supplied in the images folder of the Editors Kit.

  • Once completed save the file as a pdf file.

Remember that you are licenced to play the game as many times as you like but not to resell it even if it is modified.


Escape Party Editors kit
Emmersive Escape room game 1

Make it more immersive

There are many ways that you can enhance your ©Escape Party game experience making it more immersive. Have a look at the ideas and suggestions below or come up with your own…

  • Invite the players to come dressed as pirates.

  • The kit comes with lots of themed, editable party invites, posters and accessories. These can be personalised and used to enhance your Escape Party experience.

  • Go to town on the set up and dress the play areas to look like a ships cabin and a treasure island. You could hang the nautical map and some of the posters on the walls of the ships cabin and put inflatable palm trees on the island for example.

  • In the ships cabin you could hide challenge 2 in a drawer and challenge 3 in a box. Use either the door hanger cut-outs found in the 'Door Hanger cut-outs.pdf ' or real combination locks for the number locks.

  • Label the entrance to ‘treasure island’ using the included poster.

  • Put real keys under the key cards on the treasure island game.

  • Players could find some real treasure, e.g. a small toy or sweet treat when they open the treasure chest.

Find ways of making the party special to you and your guests. Why not let us know how you get on, we'd love to hear from you.

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Print your Escape Party game

Print your Escape Party kit

Open the 'Captain Kidd's Treasure Game.pdf' file which can be found in the 'Game' folder and print the game on standard A4 (International) or letter (USA) size paper. Some of the puzzles are enhanced by the use of colour but can still be enjoyed in black and white if you conscious of cost or do not have a colour printer. Printing on thicker paper, card or photo paper will enhance the look of the game but is by no means necessary. 


The game is designed for 2-6 players. If you have more than 6 players divide into teams. Each team will need a copy of the game.


To print invites and posters, open the relevant pdf file in the Posters and Invites folder. If you wish to change them by adding names or changing the event, open the relevant Powerpoint file and follow the instructions.


The door hangers, if you've chosen to use them, can be found in the 'Game folder'.  


Prepare and set-up your escape room

Challenge 1 - open the cabin desk drawer


The goal here is to find and enter the code to open the cabin desk drawer, revealing the items needed for the next challenge.

Fold the 6 pirate game cards, these will be given out to the players at the start of the game and will be needed throughout. The players can choose their own character and have some fun comparing pirate facts. Each game card has a different puzzle, all six puzzles need to be completed as part of challenge 1, so if there are less than 6 players they will need to complete the remaining puzzles. The back page of the pirate game card reminds the players of the challenges and gives them a space to record their personal directions for the treasure island.

The flag jigsaw page will need to be given to the player with the Bartholomew Roberts 'Black Bart' pirate game card. This player may find the sticky tac useful when piecing together the jigsaw.

Place the Captain's Log cover page and challenge 1 page in the middle of the ships cabin play space. If there are less than six players you will also need to place the remaining pirate game cards on the desk as these will need to be completed. You could use a dining or coffee table as Captain Kidd's desk and place the pages there.

You will also need to put the scissors, pens, pencils, eraser and sticky tac on the desk as these will be needed by the players when doing the puzzles.

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Challenge 2 - open the lock box


In this challenge the goal is to find and enter the code to open the lock box. This will reveal the item needed for challenge 3.

Keep challenge 2 game pages to one side ready to hand to the players once they've completed challenge 1


If your play space has a drawer you could place challenge 2 game pages inside and hang the challenge 1 drawer hanger on the handle.

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Slide13 Thumb_edited.jpg

Challenge 3 - open the cabin door


The goals in challenge 3 are to find and enter the code that opens the cabin door, so that the players can escape Captain Kidd's ship, and to find a sequence of directions that will lead to the treasure chest in challenge 4. Each pirate has a different set of four directions to find.


Have challenge 3 game pages ready to give to the players on completion of challenge 2


If you have a box handy why not put the compass game page inside, with the challenge 2 lock box hanger on the front, and stick the locked door ships inventory page and door hanger on the door out of the cabin.

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Challenge 4 - find the treasure.


The goal here is for each player to follow their set of four directions and defeat pirate bandits on their route to find Captain Kidd's hidden treasure chest. This is a fun, interactive game to finish off the escape party in style.

Keep the challenge 4 open cabin door page to one side ready to show to the players when they complete challenge 3.                            

The pages for challenge 4 should be cut along the grey dotted lines (with scissor icon) to make individual cards for this challenge. There are two types of cards, the location cards and the pirate bandit cards.


The location cards should be set up on the floor as shown on the left, leaving enough space between the cards for them to be stood by.


If necessary, this part of the game can be played in the same play space that was used for challenges 1-3 and it’ll only take a minute to set it up when needed.

Prepare the treasure chest page by folding it along the indicated lines and place it on the floor instead of card 18.


The pirate bandit cards need to be cut along the dotted lines and inserted as shown on the cards. Take 6 of the cards and set them up around the area so that they are in sight and close enough for the players to aim at during the game. The other 4 pirate bandit cards should be set up like a firing range close to the treasure chest.


This is where you’ll need your missiles, for example screwed up paper balls or a Nerf gun, to aim at, and hopefully knock over, the bandits as part of the game. During the treasure island game, the pirate bandit cards will need to be replaced for each player to have their turn at knocking them down.


Phew, that’s it, you’re all done. Now sit back and wait until the players are ready…

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Let the Escape Party adventure begin...

Now you're ready to let the fun of the ©Escape Party game begin…

Get your players to congregate in the ships cabin, then follow the play guide. 

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