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Challenge Two

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Yes! You did it, you opened the lock box.

It reveals the following page:

Lock Box for Answer-min.jpg
Lock box with compass for

Challenge two hints


To start filling in the crossword the island name you'll need,

Use the two maps and some folding to help you succeed.


Enter the name under the symbol and when you're done,

Add the answers from the puzzles in challenge one.


The lock word within will help you proceed,

But not as it is, a number's what you need.


The cipher wheel will help but where is the key,

Check out the desk, or the map, and you'll see.

Crossword Answer

Fill out the crossword, as shown below, to find the c word in the 

Answer: ANCHOR

Filled in Crossword2.jpg

Cipher wheel Answer

The clue to line up the letters and numbers is on both the desk with the lock box and the folded map and is Z = 0.

Answer: 577345. Enter this into the lock box.