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Challenge Three

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Yes! You did it, you opened the cabin door.

Head to the treasure island for the final game.

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Find numbers and symbols on the challenge pages,

You only need your colour or you'll wander for ages.


Write them in the boxes on your pirate game card,

To find the direction with the compass won't be hard.


The door is still locked you need to get out,

'What is the code?' I hear you shout.


Ships inventory says the sign on the door,

Count up the symbols and you'll get out for sure.

Directions Answer

Find the four symbols and numbers relating to your pirate card colour. Each symbol is positioned on the line according to its order. Use the compass card as a cipher to get the directions.

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Ships Inventory Answer

The players count the small cutlass, spyglass, ships wheel and anchor icons to complete the ships inventory on the cabin door. The icons can be found on the pirate game cards, the folded map and the compass.

The number 1599 is needed to unlock the cabin door.

Challenge three hints