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Challenge 2: The Catacombs

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Challenge 2 hints

Difficult Hint:

Writing on the floor - This doesn't make sense, it must be in code.

Maze - The maze looks easy but what do the numbers mean.

Circle of swords - The swords point in different directions.

Inkblot - The lines must be fold lines but which way to fold and what order.

Medium Hint:

Writing on the floor - You need to find some way to decipher this code.

Maze - The exit requires a number, you can get this from the maze, but which route do you take.

Circle of swords - If the swords are directions where do you start.

Inkblot - I probably need to cut out the page before I start folding the inkblot. There must be a clue somewhere on how to fold this page, maybe its in the notebook as well.

Easy Hint:

Writing on the floor - I need a method to decipher the code and a key. Take a look in the explorers notebook especially the inkblot.

Maze - The route through the maze will give you the number but where to get the route from. Take a look at the circle of swords and the message on the floor.

Circle of swords - If I can work out where to start with the directions for the maze, is that it or is there more to it. It seems too easy.

Inkblot - There is a clue to which way to fold each line and a clue to the order to fold them in.

Detailed Answers:

Ink Blot – Cut out the page. Use the clues on cipher wheel page to determine the way and the order to fold. The type of line determines which way to fold and the order is shown by line length at the top of the page.

It should reveal the number 12. This tells you how to line up the cipher wheel – A on the small wheel = 12 on the large wheel.

Writing on the floor – Use the cipher wheel in the explorer’s notebook to decipher the message on the floor. The message reads FOLLOW THE TIP OF THE SWORD BUT LEFT IS RIGHT AND RIGHT IS LEFT. ONE SWORD ONE STEP

Circle of swords – The broken pocket watch tells you where on the circle of swords to start your directions. The watch only has one hand and it is pointing to the 3o’clock position. Starting at this position follow the directions on the circle of swords but don’t forget about the message on the floor. The tip of the swords points the direction but left is right and right is left. Each direction moves you one step in the maze.

Maze – Use the directions to find your way through the maze. Picking up the numbers along the route through the maze the correct route will give you the number you need to open the door.

Answer = 861756021940