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Challenge 3: The Undercroft

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Challenge 3 hints

Difficult Hint:

Stone Shapes - Create the rectanglar shapes first, then complete the puzzle on each one before deciding where to place them.

Triangle - Try filling in the rest of the numbers.

Circle - Just a circle of Ds?

Square - The example shows you how to complete the puzzle.

Pentagon - More cutting to do.

Stone Block - The shapes will help to position the blocks. Rotate the shapes to ensure all the sides facing each other match.

Medium Hint:

Stone Shapes - Convert all of the puzzle answers to roman numerals.

Triangle - There must be a pattern to the numbers.

Circle - Look closer at the circle.

Square - Try to connect the outside symbols first.

Pentagon - Start with the biggest piece first.

Stone Block - Look at the tops of the shapes and the numbers on the block. Work out what the symbols mean.

Easy Hint:

Stone Shapes - Make sure the answers are placed in the correct boxes.

Triangle - 205 plus 249 doesn't equal 464. What is left?

Circle - Look closer at the circle and pay attention to the order of letters.

Square - The answer to this puzzle gives a 3 digit number but there are four answer boxes.

Pentagon - Start with the larger piece and place it like so.


Stone Block - Each symbol on the tops of the shapes has a numerical value. You need to work this out to find the total of the diagonal line.

Pentagon Clue.jpg

Detailed Answers:

Number Triangle – The answer is determined by working out the number in the triangle bottom to top. The second row up is the sum of the two squares below plus 10. The only number you have in the third row is the sum of the two squares below plus 15. You should then be able to work out the third row by doing the same and assume that the last row is the sum of the boxes below plus 20.

This gives an answer of 1515

Then convert this to a roman numeral : MDXV


Circle Puzzle – Look closer at the circle of letters and you will see other letters. Taking them in the order the are displayed will give.

Answer: CLVI


Square Puzzle – Connect all of the matching symbols without crossing any lines. For each of the symbols under the IIII side count the squares that the connecting lines runs through. Total the answers to the first part of the puzzle which gives 44.

Then convert this to a roman numeral: XLIV


Pentagon Puzzle – Enter the shapes into the pentagon to give you the following:


Answer = DCIV

Match each of the stone shapes to the shapes on the stone block. Triangle to triangle, circle to circle etc.

Rotate each shape until all of the facing sides having matching roman numerals.

Looking at the block and stones from above you’ll see the final puzzle for the undercroft. You’ll need to work out what number each symbol represents.

The Answer is 14

Pentagon Answer.jpg