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Can you solve the mystery of The Crypt in this new downloadable escape room game from Escape Party.


Tread in the footsteps of Christian Stapleton, the explorer lost in the crypt many years ago. Find the clues and solve the puzzle of the crypt in order to escape.


What do I get in my everyday print and play kit?

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Everything you need to create your own escape room experience

Five cunning puzzles to keep you bamboozled and confounded.

1-2 hours worth of challenging fun.

No need for a games master, you check your answer on the website so everyone can play. 

Available to download and print now. No setup is required so you're ready to play immediately.

100% satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back

We believe you salty sea dogs will love this escape room game but if it doesn't fit the bill there's no need to worry, just get in touch, give us your feedback and we'll refund your money straight away. 

Escape Party 100% Guarantee
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...and we're always here to help

Your enjoyment and experience with Escape Party is our number one priority.


You'll get hints and answers in the play guide and downloadable pack so hopefully you'll never get stuck playing the game. Our Frequently Asked Questions are there to help you and for any other questions with your Escape Party kit, or just to let us know how it went, simply message us on Facebook messenger or use our contacts page.

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I've bought the kit, what happens next?


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Take a look at our Escape Party kits. Buy the one you want and you will receive an email with a link to download it.


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Print the PDF file on your home printer on A4 or Letter paper, in colour or black and white. Alternatively, use a print service to do the printing for you.


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Plan your escape room event, use the set up guide to help you prepare the game and play area, then let the fun begin... 

Tell me more about The Crypt Escape Party kit

How did you find yourselves locked in a haunted crypt you ask yourselves?

Well, to cut a long story short…

This crypt is well known in the local area, mostly because of the sounds of ghostly wailing and groaning that is said to be heard coming from deep within and echoing through the otherwise quiet night sky.

The crypt contains the remains of kings and knights and whilst usually out of bounds to the public, you were given special permission from the priest of the church to go inside.

The crypt dates back to medieval times however the ghost is said by some to be that of historian explorer Christian Stapleton from the early 20th century who entered the
crypt on one of his explorations. Rumour has it that after entering the crypt Stapleton was never seen again, hence why some people say he never returned and his spirit
now haunts the crypt...

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Follow in the footsteps of the explorer Christian Stapleton and explore the mystery of The Crypt.

Download the kit, print it off and play the game today.

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  • Downloadable escape room kit for ages 14+

  • Immediate access to a ready-made escape room kit to download and print

  • Print in black and white to save costs

  • No set up required, just print and play

  • 100% satisfaction or your money back