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Challenge 1: The Crypt






Challenge 1 hints

Difficult Hint:

Plaques and letter - Each coffin has a set of letters, could they be dates. Between the four grids on the wall there is another empty grid which is overlaid with four other plaques. Is this a clue?

Four symbol drums - You need to identify the correct symbol for each drum.

Medium Hint:

Plaques and letters - The grids have letters, but no two grids have letters in the same squares. The letters are the same as on the coffins.

Four symbol drums – There is a code that will help, and the skeletons may give you a clue.

Easy Hint:

Plaques and letters - If you combine the four grids, each square has a letter like the dates on the coffins. They must be linked somehow. I wonder if that is all of the dates though.

Four symbol drums – Maybe the letters left in the grids and the armour on the skeletons will give you the answer you need.

Detailed Answers:

Plaques and letters - The four grids overlaid create a single grid with a letter in each square. The letters are those used in roman numerals. Contained in the grid are the dates from the four coffins, the date hidden in the rocks of the wall and the two dates from above the door, these need to be converted into roman numerals first. One you have found all of the dates, just like doing a word search, you will be left with one date in the grid. The date is CMXC.

Four symbol drums – Using the date from the puzzle above – CMXC – convert the letters into symbols by using the letters on the skeleton’s armour so C=Gauntlet, M=Shield, X=Helm. Put the four drums in the correct order to open the door. The order is gauntlet, shield, helm, gauntlet.