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Playing the game

Now everything is set up and ready to go, here is your guide to running and playing the game. Some of these puzzles can be a little tricky so if you or the players need a little help then there are some hints in the survival guide section below, that's where you'll also find all of the puzzle/challenge answers.

Let the adventure begin...

A quick reminder of how the game plays out?

The Story

How did you find yourselves locked in a haunted crypt you ask yourselves?


Well, to cut a long story short…


This crypt is well known in the local area for being haunted. The crypt dates back to medieval times and contains the remains of warriors and knights. The ghost is said by some to be that of historian explorer Christian Stapleton from the early 20th century who entered the crypt on one of his explorations and never returned.


Always up for a challenge you decided to investigate the mystery and go into the crypt to see if you could find out what happened to this intrepid explorer.


As you entered the crypt you heard a deep rumbling noise and the ground began to shake. In no time at all the rumbling grew louder and it felt as though the whole place was shifting on its foundations. As dust began to fill the air you noticed out of the corner of your eye a previously hidden solid stone door sliding across the exit. As you realise what is happening you make a run for the exit but before you can escape the door is closed and you are trapped inside…


Gaining your composure, you reach for your torches and start to look around, there must be another way out…

Before you start make sure you've got...

  • Space to play.


  • The printed game pages.


  • Scissors, pens, pencils, eraser.


  • Either access to the internet, via mobile phone, tablet or computer, or access to the game guide, where you will also find hints and answers.

Survival Guide

Check your answers with the buttons below. You'll also find hints to help you if you're struggling with some of the challenges.